Our route:

Our route:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's 6am, do you know where your dumdum is?

Brain is melting very rapidly into jello pudding, which we all know we can't have if we don't eat our meats. Very little sleep. That's what's happening. Although I am also not dealing with the stress of school which automatically makes me a million times smarter.

It's raining. Everything is damp, moist, primordial-soup-like. I felt like I was walking around in a sauna all day yesterday, except for the Holocaust Memorial Museum, which was not sauna-like at all. Insert off-color joke about showers now.

But actually I'm really glad we went to that particular museum whilst in our Great Nation's capital. There was an exhibit on Nazi propaganda that was especially interesting, specifically in relation to this project. Mostly it was really disturbing because A) The graphic sensibilities of the Nazi/Hitler campaign posters disturbingly similar to those of Obama, and B) I voted for Obama primarily due to his campaign platform: CHANGE. Not his politics, which I knew very little about at the time. Which is not to say that Obama is the next Hitler or anything 'cause that's laughably absurd, but it is disturbing that anyone with a good PR person can gain a huge amount of power on image alone. I guess I already knew that in the abstract, but had never really thought about how it specifically related to me until now.

* * *

I'm really excited to leave today. It feels like the trip is finally beginning as we leave familiar territory and head into the OUTER LIMITS.

...or, you know, Kentucky.

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