Our route:

Our route:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Night before take off

Tomorrow...we ride. *Insert required bit about how I feel exited/nervous here*
Super Exiting Things Left To Do:
1. Get my clothing out of the dryer.
2. Fit everything into duffle.
3. Go to sleep.
Guys, Guys, don't worry this post is dull on purpose. For some reason.

Things I Am Most Exited About:
1. Full cast audiobook of the importance of being earnest
2. crossword puzzles
3. eating soooo much oatmeal

seriously, I bought 52 instant oatmeal packages.
Signing off now,

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  1. update on the oatmeal, in Roswell rodents ate all of the oatmeal, I guess oatmeal forever can now only be a dream...