Our route:

Our route:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Southern Comfort

     We have inched closer towards the heart of the country. Fittingly each step has been accompanied by a different type of specialty meat. I do not yet know what this means but everyone seems very particular about the meat they eat.
     Yesterday we swam in the pool and looked up at the stars doing the backstroke. They seem brighter here, to me at least, but I expect them to be even brighter the further left we go on our journey. Brighter until we approach the lights of big Vegas.
     Today we saw the clock-tower at the University of Texas in Austin. In 1966 Charles Whitman shot a dozen or so people from the observation deck there. There was no evidence of this. The art museum there was closed so we went to the mall and I ate a 'Western BBQ' burger.

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